Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Polar Blogging?

I am going to Barrow for a few days. Earliest day back is Saturday, but I've been informed that I will probably be there till Monday. And no, the Polar Bear warning sign is not a joke. I expect to be carrying a 12 gauge with slugs just incase some bears take the bait that I'll be carrying around with me.

I may have time in the evenings there but I do not know if I'll have internet access. If I'm silent for the next few days, this is why.

You guessed it. I'm the bait. Humans make great polar bear bait.

Higher Insurance Costs

If you are wondering why health care costs keep going up, it may be because you are paying for crap like this.

Oh, is it politically incorrect to point out that the gay homosexual life style has significantly higher health costs, AIDs excluded.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Termination Dust

That's what they call the first snow on the mountains. Termination dust. It signals the end of summer and since we don't really have a fall (just a rainy season some call September), the start of winter.

This blog also had some termination dust on it. One day I just knew it was done. Not over, but it's first wind of momentum had run out and it would take a commitment from me to push it forward. At least for now.

I know that once past this lull, it'll run for a while on its own steam.

Then I hear our Fearless Leader calling for us to drive less and I'm glad that I have a place to vent.

What am I supposed to do? Rent one of the cathouses on Spenard so I can have a shorter drive to work? That would cut a 7 mile drive down to walking distance. Between work and shopping, there isn't to much joyriding that I, or my family, do.

I expect that alot of people are in this boat. We drive where we need to. Our weekly driving is kind of a fixed number.

Just to show the foolishness of the gov't, when they forced emissions controls upon us, they measured them by emissions produced per gallon consumed not miles driven. The result of this is that since we have our mileage laid out for us, we drove it regardless of the number of gallons it took and even though our emissions were less per gallon, since it took us more gas due to lowered mileage we burn more gas and produced roughly the same emissions at first. Millions were spent for negligble gains.

The emissions controls are better now, and with some two-stroke (yes, two-stroke) technologies, can get the best power output and lowest emissions to date.

Then I see that mouthpiece O'Reilly yakking about the big corporations keeping us dependant on oil by depriving us of fuelcells. Yea, right.

Everyone is working on fuelcells and if and when they become viable, we'll be using them. And guess what? There will be big evil corporations making money and providing jobs and paying taxes. Will O'Reilly lament about this as well?

As for Hydrogen, unless you are scooping up Hydrogen in galactic gas giants with spacecraft designed to do this, I don't know how the mythical hydrogen fuel cell will get the fuel to solve the energy crisis. Of course we could build some nuclear power plants to generate the electricity to generate the clean hydrogen.

Nah, this blog is alive and well, I just need to make the time to blog.

Libtards, No the other Libtards

I went to the library today to get a book. I have to fly to Barrow tomorrow and went looking for Havana, by Stephen Hunter. It was out, and I couldn't find an Andy McNabb book that I hadn't read so I went with a classic: Omerta, by Mario Puzo. I'm in the mood for some gritty killing in the street.

From the parking lot I can see 3 people with petition clipboards. They've formed a gauntlet at the base of the stairs to the main front door. The pablum of liberals that frequent libraries, especially during the day when most conservatives are hard at work, had set their minds in a vulnerable lull. I had time to play with them.

An 18(?) old, short, Opie Taylor approached me and asked if I'd like to sign a petition to allow the formation of an Alaskan Gaming Comission on the upcoming ballot.

Wide eyes and a slack jaw were his response to "So you don't have a problem with families losing their mortgage money?" His handler rapidly took his place and started talking. At first his words were meaningless but his eyes said it all.

He had the eyes of a true believer. I saw a collage of personas, one had the Totenkopf insignias and smelt of sweat and leather, another had Red Star insignias and stunk of borscht, one was proud of her abortion and reeked of patchoulli, another stood before me. His defining statement was that he "believed that everyone needed the opportunity to make mistakes."

It was here that I excused myself and politely told him that I needed to get a book and excused myself.

The thought "What Would Bane Do?" rolled around my head. The options were all entertaining.

A logical trap sprung to mind inside the library. If I ask him "Should heroin be legalized?" and he answers me, I can either accuse him of being morally bankrupt or a hypocrite.

Upon leaving, I found him to be morally bankrupt, but his response was "As a Libertarian, I believe all drugs should be legalized."

I feel the total dork since I registered as a Libertarian last Spring. Maybe the Constitutional Party is for me. Maybe I shouldn't judge the Libertarians so harshly? Maybe I should. I'm sure TwentyMajor would call them a bunch of cunts and I'd have to agree.

While I agree that the Drug War is poorly fought, I don't think the fundamental concept is flawed, just the prosecution of the war.

His other defining statement was "Once you get over the drug legalization, being a Libertarian is easy."

This is probably true, but so are the statements:
1) Once you get over the killing of babies, being a democrat is easy.
2) Once you get over the [CENSORED], being a homosexual is easy.
3) Once you get over the ovens, being a nazi is easy.
4) Once you get over the gulags, being a communist is easy.

Politically, I have no idea what to do.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Feelings vs. Reality

Any change that the MSM will mention the culpability of the envirowhackos in the destruction of New Orleans?

This shows how plans to strengthen the levies were held up.

Thanks Bruce (aka the O.C.) for this link.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Listen to This

I never knew that Freddy Mercury's parents were an opera star and a conductor or that he was trained to sing opera. I don't know much about opera, but hearing this, I can see where Queen took Freddy's capabilities and talents into consideration when they wrote songs.

My boss blames his wife (yea, sure) for the pablum tv that he watches. Through the week I get a summary of the highlights of the good stuff that I don't see (yep, I avoided using the word 'miss' to avoid any confusion. While I may miss a show I don't miss anything.)

It also turns out that the really good stuff makes it to the web and I get to see it anyway.

This is one thing I've played several times over the last week or two. She's that good. Go here, click on Suzie: 'Bohemian Rhapsody', and rock out.

I'd also like to hear her sing "School's Out" and "Godzilla".

I think the part of my brain that enjoys rock has atrophied over the years, much to my dismay.

While I use Mozilla Firefox for 99% of my surfing, I have to use Internet Explorer to enjoy this. I don't have M$ Video installed in Firefox.

Where's My Hollywood?

If I lived in my America, this would be made into a movie.

When French movies start competing for my dollars, I really gotta start wondering about Hollywood, as if I didn't wonder about them before.

In Search of Oz

While searching for a Wizard to give him some courage, a cowardly troll posts a definition and a comment:
niggardly - grudgingly mean about spending or granting; stingy.

A basic understanding of the English language would serve you well.
Any educated person is fully aware of the denotation of the offensive word 'nigger'.

My point, which I thought I made clear, is that while the word clearly means one thing, it is always interpreted as nothing more than a racial slur.

It's all about reading comprehension.

And to my anonymous (and first) troll, on your search for courage, follow the Yellow Brick Road, avoid the flying monkeys, and keep reading your dictionary. I wish you luck.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cheap Labor and Exploitation

Funny thing about labor is while we want the top dollar for ours, we want to pay the lowest amount for it. The amazing thing is that in a free market system, we all get to agree on each transaction or we just go somewhere else.

I'm reading one of my favorite authors. I have a neighbor who is also a fan and has loaned me his last 4 books which I haven't read. He writes a pulp action story with a little interesting history thrown in and while I decided that I matured beyond his books years ago, I have been seduced.

On a sidebar, I don't believe that anyone can really be seduced if they don't want to be.

In the book I'm reading right now, the hero is going to butt up against an evil Chinese human smuggler who in enabled to operate due to the "United States insatiable appetite for cheap labor."

Maybe it's garbage like this that made me put this author down years ago and not my maturing. He's implying that the US is at fault for the inhumane smuggling of illegal aliens.

I'm sure when the neighbor kid offers to mow his lawn for $5, he says "No, I must pay you atleast $20 to fight the exploitation of the labor force." At which point the kid says "Well then, make it $30."

If a someone is willing to work for an agreed upon wage it sounds like a legal agreement to me.

My previous employer had a plant with a large Hispanic workforce. Signs in the plant were in Spanish (which peeved me to no end) and the joke was that half of them were probably illegals.

One day the INS showed up and removed almost two thirds of the labor force as illegals due to be deported. Isn't all humor based on a grain of truth?

The auto industry runs on Just In Time (JIT) inventories where the autoplants only have 8-12 hours of inventory on hand (this reduces wharehousing costs) and constantly receive shipments of parts and sub-assemblies. This causes a downstream effect of constant shipping and receiveing for components.

The plant with the gutted workforce received daily shipments of fuel filler neck assemblies from a plant in Saltillo Mexico. With the illegals gone, and a new crew receiving an unusual item was found in the items received. Just over 200 pounds of the finest Mexican Marijuana was packaged in with the parts.

You gotta figure that this was a regular shipment smuggled in with the retgular and legal parts. I do wonder if this was a monthly, weekly, or daily event.

Then I read this and wonder what will be in the cases of aid that they are bringing in. Are they helping us or are they taking advantage of the situation?

Momentum and Damage Multiplyers

September 11th is four days away, the US has had its largest port rendered useless and it's emergency infrastructure stretched thin by bad leadership and lack of planning.

My 6th grade teacher had a joke with a vital lesson embedded in it. He'd say "Never hit a man when he is down, kick him." It works with dogs as well as men. It's wired into our brains. Establish that it is you who are the Alpha Male and you control the momentum. I think this is why people like a winner.

I've been a Packer Fan since the mid 70's when only Wisconsin and about half the Upers (the other half of the Upers were Lions fans) supported them. Then the Pack establishes itself as an Alpha and suddenly they have fans all over the nation (world?).

When people root for a winning team, I think they are acknowledging the Alpha's dominance and are submitting to it's leadership.

Ah, but I digress.

The point I wanted to make about football is how a game can turn on one event. You never know when or what it'll be, but suddenly one teams offense just dies or their defence folds. Good teams, the winners, the Alphas will maximize any event to turn the momentum in their favor.

I'm sure OBL knows all about momentum. He's just seen NO hit by a reverse Neutron Bomb where the city is destroyed and the people are left alive. In time, our emergency infrastructure will recover and be stronger than it was, right? It will take lessons that were painfully learned (I hope) and rewrite (write?) emergency procedures and plans.

MARS: It's 3 IEDs and 4 patrols in Falluja with 2 snipers in Mosul that seem to be showing promise, there's the detonation, and, oh, a miss and another miss.
FATE: The insurgents just seem to be having a rough time with bad timing and coalition body armour, but wait, there's a flag on the play.
MARS: What's she signalling?
FATE: Hurricane. Mother Nature just called Hurricane on New Orleans. That calls for loss of city with no loss of play.
MARS: Look at the insurgents, they seem excited.
FATE: These are the same people who danced in the street when the World Trade Center fell. Of course they are excited.
MARS: No look at the substitutions, Osama just took the field.
FATE: The field is really confused right now. The insurgents are a man short and the States are argueing amongst themselves over the loss of New Orleans.
MARS: The insurgents aren't a man short. Look at the sidelines. They're taking advantage of the disarray Mother Nature caused and are trying the sleeper play.
FATE: Adnan el Shukrijumah? I thought he was in Mexico. Look at him, no one is covering him.
MARS: How can they cover him, if they don't notice him? We could be looking at a really big play in the making...

I just hope we've hit Al Quieda hard enough, I hope we've knocked it down and kicked it hard enough that they can't take advantage of the loss of New Orleans. I figure that if the 4th anniversary of 911 passes uneventfully, we've got special forces leaving boot prints on turbans somewhere that we don't hear about.

And yes, I hope we don't stop kicking till we stove Al Quieda's ribs in and crush it's heart.

Orleans, the Long Range Plan?

I was watching them 'rescue' people yesterday. Some needed rescueing, some didn't know what they needed. Some wanted to be the poineers that rebuild New Orleans.

ABC made a big deal about how there were so many groups there with guns, the 82nd Airborne (huh?), a couple of different states National Guard units, police, Fish and Wildlife officers. You could hear the fear of the expected firefights in Ted Kopples voice. Then they showed a dry house that was functioning as a hub for a family that had a handgun in it. Oh my!

Liberals reactions to guns always entertain me unless, of course, they are passing legislation.

The statement that got me thinking was when a military unit mentioned what was going to happen when they declared martial law. It sounded like they are removing all the people right now who want to go or are able to be talked into going then they will declare martial law and remove everyone else. Some of these people are living in areas that are dry, like the French Quarter, and want to stay.

If martial law hasn't been declared by now, what good will be served by declaring it in the future? I just wonder what the long range plan is for New Orleans.

Maybe this is what I smelt.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jihad in our Streets

It's been called for.

Something like this would certainly seperate the black-Americans from the black-Muslims, wouldn't it.

I do know that the prisons are ripe recruiting grounds for Muslim evangelists. If this kicked off, it would show that their efforts were productive.

I wonder if the black-Muslims would work together with the hispanic-Muslims that are being recruited in points South of the Rio Grande.

Personally, I hate the word nigger. It's emotional charge is foul and misleading. Of the 20something blacks that I've known in my life, all have been intelligent hardworking people. Everyone I've ever known that fits the definition of the word niggardly has been white and probably never called a nigger.

The word is like a RPG that goes 20 yards, then makes a hard 90 degree turn and delivers its ordinance. The damage is done, but not on a deserving target.

I'm not naive, I know that there are niggardly blacks out there. Apparently, ones that want to destroy our Nation. Lets see if his followers are few in number and cowardly or if they do rise up in an act of violent rebellion against society.

Remember that "Rebellion is akin to witchcraft" and that a Muslim is calling for this. Certainly this suggests the spiritual force behind Islam.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Busy Day

I'm taking the day off to take the birthday boy to the state fair. He's been looking forward to it all week and I wouldn't be surprised if he remembers it from last year.

While quickly managing my planet, I saw this:
Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco said "battle-tested" Guardsmen are being sent to quell the unrest.

"They have M-16s and are locked and loaded. These troops know how to shoot and kill and I expect they will," she said.
and had to react.

Could she be a Liberal Democrat? Not only is she showing zero leadership skills, she is frightened of the military, frightened to the point that she can't see that they are here to help.

I've spent the last few days at work (it's been slow) reading all of Micheal Yon's blog. I'm not yet done, but continually find my respect for our military, both the pros and the National Guardsman, growing.

In one night account, a US patrol tracked down a suspicious person with an AK. Turns out the person was a farmer checking out suspicious activity on his farm. They were both checking on each other and not a shot was fired. Contact, at night, with and unknown number of armed people and it all turned out well. Or troops are professional with an incredible amount of self control.

I'll be suprised if a shot is fired by US troops in the South. I also expect that if they do fire, they will be returning fire. Idiot liberals.

I did see a white looter. It was an albino African-American, but atleast I saw a white one. Does that count?

We're off to the fair and the weather looks great.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Beirut, Mediterrean Paradise

Then one day it wasn't. Imagine that.

The Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived and worked peacefully right up till their nation exploded and destroyed itself, seemingly, overnight.

I've read accounts of Christian engineers who lived in combat zones in Beirut but worked in non-combat zones. Other engineers were Muslim and he knew they probably did the similar things to what he did when he left work.

After work, he'd drive home, speeding throught areas that snipers had a line-of-sight from Muslim highrise buildings and man a rooftop mortar pit.

It makes as much sense as the Looneytunes cartoon where Foghorn and the dog punch in and are mortal enemies, then punch out and are congenial to each other (is it those two or am I forgetting an important part of my childhood? I'm now not sure).

I don't know what it takes to start a civil war, other than firing on Fort Sumpter, but when the snow flies, part of me breathes a sigh of relief that the good ol US of A made it through another year without any major civil strife. Then another part of me tells me I'm being unrealistic having concerns like that for my country.

But part of me sees this country being wound tighter and tighter. L.A. riots, creak-click, Clinton scandals, creeak-click, Republicans stealing an election, creeeak-click, war in Iraq, creeeeak-click, Minutemen watching the border, creeeeeeak-click.

Why do I breath a sigh of relief in the winter? Simply because I know that riots happen in the summer when it is warm out.

Do I worry needlessly?