Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Imagine That?

Why would someone complain if their propaganda was believed?

Could it be that they're not really like that? That, maybe, they are not just like us? Vote them into office and teach their lifestyles in school, but just don't expect them to live up to the standard that gets them accepted. That's what I hear him saying.

Maybe they are as different as we all believed them to be, psychologists included, in the 70's.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


One would be to many. But then I suspect I've lost track of the cases like this I've personally known. Nevermind the ones I've heard of third (and fourth) hand.

Yea, I think one of the reasons I frequent BaneRants is that, like an older movie, you can count on the bad guy to get shot.

One innocent getting hurt is one to many. Hurting all the bad guys is just right. Nothing less than justice, and by hurt I mean something that would leave them looking like something Bernie Wrightson drew.

Then everything is cast in distant shadows, no matter how their pain and victories stir my heart. My son will be 5 in August and is old enough to show the the effects of his birth mothers daily cocaine use the first 8 months of her pregnancy.

Part of me just wants to climb the highest mountain in sight, shake my fist at God and scream till I'm hoarse. Equal parts of fearing to blaspheme God and knowing it' would be pointless stop me. But still, the inclimation is still there.

Why God, why? Is that a cliche? If so, there is a reason.

And I end this posting, feeling that it is far from complete.