Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blunk Droggong at it's Best

2 run and cokes, Im not drunk, but I though the title was cool.

I'm playing Eve Online and am harvesting a semi-rare gas in quantities that make me think there is a mistake somewhere. I've got 3 times the amount of this gas that I expected and it's still coming, but as you can expect, it it kinda boring, so the rum & cokes and this posting (after I read all the news and some blogs).

As for the direction this nation is taking, I fully hope and expect a Constitutional Convention (hereafter referred to as 'CC') after the next election cycle will eliminate many undesirable (and unConstitutional) steps the current administration has made. I used to fear a CC since I expected the left to use it to change the country, now I see Mainstream America using it to clarify the Constitution. Just imagine an Amendment clearly stating that a single payer system is illegal

That's about the time I expect the peace protesters to use the methods of the religion of peace and obama, or maybe Rahm, to promise us 7 years of peace.

Go see Avatar!! You'll enjoy the move and be amazed at the 3-D.

This is the season where the celebration of our Lord's birth has united people in worse conditions than we'll ever face.