Thursday, August 17, 2006

Drunk Bollgging or I don't get it

My ideal woman has long black hair with blue eyes and yet I've always seen Charlize Theron as a beauty from the 1940's. A beauty with no compare. Every Allied bomber, B-17's, B-24's, B-25's, B-26's , even A-20'S should have her, wearing a small piece of lace, bearing bombs, on their nose. Put her nekked on the B-29, a Fat Boy straddled between her legs, her head thrust back, a rictus of finality on her face. Her beauth is timeless. I don't get it why they don't.

Rosenrot oh Rosenrot, Tiefe Wasser sind nicht still

I'm watching Aeo Flux and the worst part is Charlize Theron has short hair and it's dyed black. Sci-Fi, rebels fighting an opressive gov't, Charlize Theron, it should be the perfect ovie for me, ritht?

As an aside, your first drink of Gin will get you as drunk as the the half full bottle of 750 mL of Gin will. Even if drinking Ginguaratias because a half full bottle of Gilby's Gin and some Hose Cuervo Marguitia mix is all I have in the house to drink. Or so it feels on glass 3. I may be wrong. Guzzling the last 2 sips of Gin a4re taking me back to a drunken place I have';t been since collecge.

Where was I?

...So ist es Brauch

My dream women, once was dark haired and blue eyed and I now find my self married to a geeen eyed red head. Red heads usually had a smell that disguisted me. At least most of them and now I find the love of my life is one.

I don't get it.

And Charlize Theron is just plain with her dark short hair.

wenn man klares Wasser will, Rosenrot oh Rosenrot

I grew up in a community where blondes were a dime a dozen. My blackheated first wife was a blond. Asians, some at least, seem blessed by God to appeal to me.

ehr ist kleinen kliegen doch

And the love of my life is a redhead.

I don't get it.

Maybe fantasies don't hold up to real life when the rubber hits the road?

Could that be it?

I think so.

And my wife is gone now for a week or so.

Off to see her brother with cancer in his brain, lungs, spine, and liver. Could be in more places, but he's stopped seeing the oncologist, as well as the Chemo and radiation therapy. I'd have gone also, if I could have afforded it.

Tiefe Brunnen muss man graben, wenn man klares Wasser will

Have I mentioned that I have Rammstein's Rosenrot on endless loop? It seems to fit the mood.

So war es und so wird es immer sein

There's a couple of Rammstein songs that I thought I liked, but when I went from head phone to speaker, I found them lacking. Rosenrot passed that test with flying colours. The video is distrbing, don't watch it. It speaks of the frailities and the evil of human nature while it sings of Goethe's tale told in Ohne DichCrosscut.

The separations and deviations, I just don't get. They tell the same story.

So my wife is off to see her dying brother. She was scheduled to fly out Thursday night, but got a phone call today that if she wants to see him, she better come down as soon as possible.

So war es und so wird es immer sein

And she's off. Gone to see her brother, dying way to soon.

I thank God that she is traveling with her twin. That she's not alone at this time.

The other day her brother apologized to his children for being to hard on them. His oldest son runs his own small construction business, his youngest son, a Marine, is studying geology in college and loves it, his oldest daughter is happily married to a phycian's assistant who graduated from Harvard (and no, I doubt that he's a communist), while his youngist daughter has yet to make her mark upon the world.

Could I do worse?

I'm raising my son as I wish I had been raised. Who's the guy on Vox's site with the obnoxious comment format? He once said he treat's his children like his men and his men like his children. I give my son targets within his reach, but outside of his comfort zone while being physically and emotionally present in his life.

I wonder if my wife thinks I'm to hard on him.

Hat das Röslein nur im Sinn

My son is adopted. He's built exactly like me and looks more like his maternal grandfather's baby pictures that any of his maternal grandfather's 17 biological grandchildren. At least that is what my in-laws tell me.

This I get. God has clearly stated that he is my son.

On that point I'll end this posting. That and a fervent prayer that my wife bear the hardships to come and make it safely home. I miss her already and wish I could be there for her.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Fiction

Loius Calderone had been awake for some time. How long, he wasn't sure, but he knew he was awake.

Can you dream in cryo?

Loius's last memory was puking as the stasis-techs manhandled him into the barrier solution. To keep his thermal mass down, he hadn't eaten anything in the previous 18 hours (the scripted laxitives had achived their goal hours earlier) and had nothing to offer the gods of retch.

The gods, angry at the insolence of one who denied them their right, took their vengeance. Each heave started low in the gut, like a case of Mexican food poisoning, and pulled in a contraction of pain. Through peristaltic forces, his stomach tryed to exit the locus of pain, and would have, except it was anchored by the small intestine, or so it felt. His lungs, to avoid notice of the angry gods, got small and refused to breathe, each one afraid it would be noticed as a first born.

He wanted one last breath before he drowned in the barrier solution. Just one breath. The statis-operators called it "supercessation of atmospheric oxygenation process" or something similar. Loius had been here before. He knew what was coming. They were going to drown him.

But that was a long time ago.

Now his training took over.

I'm still drunk. Go back to sleep.

Cryo-stasis exit procedures called for the subject to remain motionless till fully revived. Lest frozen tissues get damaged. Microscopic ice crystals will slice through fragile and tender cell walls as easily as tissues frozen solid can fracture.

Lack of attention to his revival led Louis to believe that he was still in stasis and that stasis-techs would be tending to him when he was sufficiently thawed and revived. He was wrong.

Loius willed himself into a deep sleep believing that assistance would be coming at the appropriate time.

American Blond vs. Liberal Brit

For those of you who missed the Ann Coulter interview, you can find it here.