Thursday, October 04, 2007

Out of the closet...

My fifth grade teacher had to have been a hippy. I didn't know what one was at the time, but looking back, her hair, her dresses the contemporary peacenik songs she taught us, she had to have been a hippy.

Bet she smelled like patchouli too.

One day in class, and I'm guessing that we were doing civics, we had an assignment. We could choose between memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution or write some number of words about something. I forget what it was.

To me, the obvious no-brainer choice was to memorize 52 words for as long as it took to walk up to her desk and recite them and be done. I looked around the classroom to see who was going to be the first person to walk up to her desk and recite the Preamble and was surprised to see everyone bent over a piece of paper, writing. How could they not see the Preamble was the obvious choice?

So I read it 3-4 times, walked up to her desk. On the way there, I looked at the progress of my peers. They weren't even close to being half way done. Perhaps one of the options was to write a page?

At her desk, I recited the Preamble. It is so clear in it's intent, a child can understand it. That's what made memorizing it so easy. I was done with my assignment.

Then it dawned on the class, that what they thought was the best choice for them, wasn't. That there was a better way. A way that though it sounded harder, wasn't.

Now, decades later, not much has changed. As adults, we have many choices, some sounding easier or better, but politically speaking, the Constitution is still the best and only choice.

There's only one man running for President who intends to follow it.

Ron Paul.

If you don't support Hillary, you're probably not happy with the GOP candidates the liberal media highlights, I challenge you to take a serious look at Ron Paul, medical doctor and US Representative. You may realize that he is the best choice, not just for you, but for your country.