Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keep Your Friends Close...

...and your enemies closer.

With that in mind, I watched the opening show of the Democratic Convention. Not all of it, but I did catch Michelle Obama's speech, most of it at least.

I'll sum her up as an attractive woman with a small angry mouth. As often as she purses her lips and juts her jaw forward I think "ticking timebomb" to myself.

She did a good job delivering the speech the speech writer's wrote for her. Nice family stories, both hers and her husbands.

What got me was her closing line about how "together we can shape the world as it ought to be." That may not be word for word, but that does sum up her statement.

Last I checked, it was not the place of the US Gov't to shape the world. Nor do we have the money to shape the world. I don't want them to tax me so they can shape the world. Besides, who's vision are they going to shape the world, according to? Theirs or mine? They've never listened to me and I really doubt they they'll listen to you.

But there we have it, a man running for President of the United States and his wife is telling us that he wants to shape the world.