Monday, March 20, 2006

Total BS

I just heard on the radio that in response to a number of military personel who had used their personal concealed weapons in self defense, some of the shootings fatal, they will be denied the Constitutional Right privelege of carrying any weapon when off duty.

Let me get this right. They swear to defend the Constitution, then are denied the rights the Constition recognizes that we all are created with? They use a legal product in a legal manner, then are denied the further use of this product? Is this not wrong?

Lastly, we have a group of people who are having issues defending themselves, and the response of their leadership is to deny them the right to defend themselves. Don't the statistics show that they need to defend themselves? Why not just tie a bleating goat to their back and abandon them on the savanna overnight?

The thing that surpises me is that is not a politician screwing them over, but their own leaders (no doubt leaders that are more political than martial, but still) who are not supporting them.

And no, there is no there is no hotbed of anti-military or anti-Americanism here in Alaska. We love our troops, although Anchorage, being a large city, is a Mecca for the Liberal Democrats and their baby killing ways.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Shrooms, is that you I see looking at me? There is a mighty large red dot over where you live.


The old Rule of Thumb is that for every rat you see, there are 10 you don't. I figure that that applies here.

This is the second report like this that I've read recently.

I have to wonder, how hard is it to case a building and not look suspicious? Stick a camcorder in a man's hand and if he's with a bunch of men, they are terrorist suspects, but if he's smiling and with a woman, they're tourists. Maybe I'm a suspicious bastard, but if they stick out like that, they either have to be trying to or are the "B" team (which makes you wonder where the "A" team(s) is).

Give me a woman, pretty and joyful in appearance that appears to be out on vacation and no one would even look at me. I'd have a camcorder and a GPS with an acceptable vertal error (most are accurate in the horizontal but sloppy in the vertical) and I'd map out the target.

Need more accuracy? There are ways, but that is not the subject of this posting.

Back to the ROT that you see 10% of the problem when you are not looking for it.

Can I assume that I see 10% of the articles, nation wide, on suspicious activity? Do 10% of the reports of suspicious activity get reported? Do 10% of the suspicious activities get noticed?

If I see two reports, then there were probably 2,000 suspicious activities that generated them. I guess we now know where the "A" teams are.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Dog Ate My Post. ...

For those of you easily entertained, try this. I had fun with it, once.

I Should Have Known

Along time ago, before the Oceans drank Atlantis, when I believed, or at least wished, that George Bush, Jr. was a conservative, about the time of the 2004 elections I recall there being a buzz on the internet about a tax reform. E-mails were being forwarded, bloggers were blogging, our fearless leader was going to marshall a change. The IRS's days were numbered.

I just had my 2005 Federal Income Taxes prepared and recalled the wishfull dreams, the hint of call tomorrow if I'd only do this one thing tonight, that lay promised over the horizion of the upcoming elections.

I feel the fool. I pay my illegal tax, under threat by a force I can't fight. Would it feel any different if I was a baker in New York paying protection money to some thug?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Quiz: Are You a Survivor?

I scored 7 out of 19. The animals really savaged me. I survived, but was maimed for life.

How'd you do?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Why I Still Have Hope

Occasionally, I see children our next generation and the strength and understanding that they have and I know that this country, while it seems to be in a free fall into the abyss, has another generation of citizens, some with strong ties to something much Higher.

I only pray that they are enough to make a difference.

From a comment at Vox's:
A poem written by my 13 yr old when I left on 9/11

This One Man

This one man got married, had kids.
This one man loved God,
Went to church.
This one man had a family who loved him, he loved them.
This one man had a wife, three daughters.

But this one man gave up his perfect life for God and his country.

This one man left his home.
This one man risked his life.
This one man sailed the ocean.
This one man fought the war.

This one man gave up his perfect life for God and his country.

This one man is a father.
This one man is a husband.
This one man is a Christian.
This one man is a daddy.

But this one man gave up his perfect life for God and his country.

This one man I love.
This one man loves me.
This one man changed my life.
This one man is my DADDY.
If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes, I wonder if you have a heart.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Give me a crime show and I'll watch it, provided I have the time and the show is good. The old Law & Order was worthy of my time, but not their new stuff. I'll watch any CSI that I get a chance to, so once every two months I'll watch one 'live' on tv. The only one I'll tape is the Vegas one.

I'll also tape Numbers. It's geeky enough to appeal to me. I like the way Network Analysis is applied to solving a crime with the efficiency that Geordie reconfigures the Enterprises Phasers to be in tune with a harmonic weakness that 'the life threatening menace' has (this tells me that the authors have never tried anything as technical as putting a new video cards in their PC (a 3 minute task, right?) or even read Dilbert). Heck, technology is easy to apply. Either that or I just find it easy to unplug that little reality checking portion of my brain for an hour (38 minutes if I tape it and fast forward throught the ads).

I've also caught a number of math errors on the show. The script writers don't understand probability. I've seen other errors and the reality checker isn't unplugged for these, instead I collect them like little trophies to discuss Monday with other geeks.

The one constant peeve that I have with the show, the one thing that I can't get past is the relationship between the two brothers. They bicker like women.

I've never know brothers to bicker. They fight. I fought with my brother. My friends fought with their brothers. I fought with their brothers.

Catching a math mistake is fun. Watching a problem get solved is entertaining. Watching men bicker? I can't take it.

Women bicker. I wonder if women write the scripts for Numbers. Either that or gays bicker and they write the scripts. I don't even want to think about it. I'll just pretend that it's women writing the scripts and won't let my son watch a glimpse of it, lest he think one of them a role model.

Buy a Good Dictionary

Seems that there is some confusion nowadays between gender and sex. Maybe the dumbing down of the public schools is responsible for this.

Gender refers to inanimate objects like cars and planes. German applies gender to books and all sorts of things. No matter where you stand on this planet, things have a gender. Animate objects have a sex. I have a sex, my wife has a sex, our son has a sex, you even have a sex.

A good dictionary will explain the difference between sex and gender. Once you understand the difference, you will start to see the foolishness of BS like this. For those of you who see the foolishness right away, I hope I added to your understanding of why it is foolish.

So have have to wonder, would one refer to a gender-neutral bathroom as "it"? German has 3 articles, der die & das, male female & neutral, English has only 1, the gender neutral 'the'. When we say "the bathroom" it's already gender-neutral. Makes you wonder what they are really up to, doesn't it?

As if we don't know.

That's it for that post, but sometimes, one things leads to another...

Mentioning unisex bathrooms reminds me of the shower scene in Starship Troopers. Good for gratuitious breasts, but not a position we'd want our daughters put in, because as empowered as the feminists can make them, there are certain truths brutal savages out there we need to protect them from, not strip them down and soap them up for.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tick, Tick, Tick

The clock counting down sure sounds like a spring getting wound tighter and tighter.

Things like this just tell me that a big event is around the corner.

If I was a cop or rancher there, heck, if I lived there, I'd be packing an arsenal. I can't believe that they aren't.

I bet they are now. At least I hope so.

Long time ago I wrote, but never published a timeline leading to full scale war and a military move to 'liberate' Atzlan. I had forgot about it, but something like this was one of the milestones in the escalating conflict on our soft white underbelly.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oscar Gold

I didn't watch the Oscar's, but my boss has a wife, the type of wife who wants him to go see Brokeback Mounting with her. Guess what he did, Oscar night? He watched the Oscar's with her and told me of the only good part.

I though I'd share it with you, as he told it to me:
This male comedian comes out, I can't think of his name, and says "I haven't seen this many performers since the National Democratic Convention. Now I know why you guys like the Oscars: Here you get to vote for a winner."

It was just dead silence.
I wish I had seen that. I'd have laughed, and then turned the tv off.