Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mao on Sex

Maybe if Hitler wasn't suffering from the neurological effects of tertiary syphalis he'd have been able to kill more than 11 million civilians. Who knows, maybe he'd have approached the 9 digit figure that Chairman Mao had massacred. Both men were evil, one was nuts, the other brilliant.

US Rangers study Mao. His writings are widely recognized as being insightful and accurage in the study of revolution.

Mao teaches that a revolution is broken down into 3 steps. They are:
1) Issueing of subversive propaganda,
2) Covert acts of aggression (guerilla war), and lastly
3) Overt acts of aggression (open acts of war).

When I see things like this:

I have to wonder, are the leaders of the perverse sexual revolution now in phase 3 of the war?

Why do I say perverse? Because I strongly suspect that they are not telling Suzie to 'make love' with Johnny because they are both in love. I have a hunch that they are going to push the limits of the people who attend.

The sexual perverse preach (and yes, I do mean to imply it is a religion) how do you know that you wont enjoy it if you don't try it. Yea, how do I know that I'm not a cloistered bestial necrophiliac? I mean, I've never tried humping roadkill.

Covert or overt, seminars like this are acts of war, and they are targeting our children. Does that get you riled up? It does me, but what can I do?

Last weekend I had a volunteer from AKPRIG stop by for me to sigh a petition to 'get big money out of Alaskan politics.' When I asked him what difference this would make, he said 'none.'

The house I'm renting is owned by a liberal Dem. This was days before I shaved off my foo-manchu with soul patch. I know the lib Dems have a database of all houses in the state. This guy probably thought he was going to get two signatures and a donation. He couldn't have been more wrong.

Now if I'm supposed to believe that this young man is spending the best hours of the best days in the summer doing something that isn't going to make a difference, I'd have been dumb enough to sign the petition. Instead I politely informed the activist that every car I've seen with a "big money out of AK politics" also had bumper sickers for Kerry, Abortion, Bushitler, etc. and that I had no intention of supporting anything that was welcome in this camp. I then explained to him that I had few minor issues with the 'big money' that was in politics and that I was very concerned about the poorly funded (as if Soros doesn't have money, ha) groups who would jump in and fill the void. He couldn't really leave since I had the clipboard which I paged through long enough that I couldn't believe he didn't ask for it back.

I was very tempted to take the clipboard with several petition signatures and just go inside. I kept thinking 'what would Bane do?' Simply taking the clipboard would probably be the gentleist thing that Bane would have done. I handed it back to him.

He informed me that I had a right to believe the things I did. I was relieved.

Now I sit here, activists are knocking on my door, homosexual groups are renting commercial property that I pass on my way to work (their big rainbow sign irks me twice a day), and I see things like 'Screw Abstinance' and think back to Mao. Maybe it's time for me to do something revolutionary. There is a cultural war going on.
What are you going to do?

I thought blogger ate this. I was upset. But here it is, waiting patiently in my posts. It's just not posted yet. Maybe now?